Entrepreneurship Academy course by HAZEF

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Entrepreneurship Academy course, by the Croatian Academia Society, University of Economics Zagreb: A Look at Tomorrow- training course

The Entrepreneurship Academy by HAZEF (Hrvatska akademska zajednica Ekonomskog fakulteta Zagreb) was held at the University of Economics in Zagreb from 3rd to 5th March 2022. The aim of the course was to share experience and information about business climate in Croatia to young people from Zagreb and around.

The three-day course was led by Sven Lončarić – the head of the FER Center for Artificial Intelligence, Hrvoje Ćosić from AirCash, Vedran Blagus from South Central Ventures, Karlo Ressler – Vice President of the European Committee for Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age AIDA, Mislav Malenica – the founder and president of CroAl, and Snježana Šlabek from Cognite AS.

In his lecture, Mislav Malenica, with his seventeen years of experience in Silicon Valley and Europe, compared the social and economic system in Europe, USA and Croatia. He described firsthand how the social and healthcare system works differently abroad and in Croatia, saying that Croatian social system is one of the best in the world, because it is accessible to everyone, and not that expensive like the health insurance abroad.

The last lecturer Snježana Šlabek, who had the topic called “Game on”, explained how the principles and elements of video games design can make any project more interesting and motivational for the workers.

The Entrepreneurship Academy was a good experience for me. I learned many new things, among others, things that I see every day in life, but I never realized – more specifically about the social-economic system in Croatia (or in the Balkans, as they are similar). Growing up in the Balkans, I never imagined how fortunate I am (we all are) to have such a simple and accessible healthcare system, compared to the US or Germany for example. I’m looking forward to attending future events at the HAZEF Academy and learning new information that can help me with my career after studies.

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photo source: HAZEF Facebook and Instagram

Author: Marija Tofilovski ESC volunteer

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