“Bridge to Success” – a conference

In Europe House in Zagreb, on 19 March 2018. we organized the first conference for the participants of the project “Bridge to Success”, which is funded by the European Social Fund through the Croatian Ministry of Labour and Pension System. “Bridge to Success” is a project aiming at empowering young unemployed people in a personal and professional aspect. We’re also educating them about social entrepreneurship so they can start their own socially responsible business initiatives.

During the conference, the participants pitched entrepreneurial ideas they have been developing during the project. They held their speeches in front of the audience and the panel of judges including Andreja Rosandić (an independent expert), Damir Šoh (BRODOTO), and Goran Jeras (Cooperative for Ethical Financing). The effort they put and a little bit of nerves just before the pitch paid – the judges gave valuable comments and advice that will for sure help the further development of the ideas.

The pitch presentations were followed by a panel discussion with experts such as  Petar Turčinović (Laboratory of Social Psychology), Goran Jeras, Marko Gregović (BRODOTO), and Ranko Milić (CEDRA Split). The topic of the discussion was turning ideas into practice and our guests shared their extensive experience in starting conventional and social enterprises.

The conference ended with a networking workshop for the participants to exchange entrepreneurial ideas and join forces for a successful start in a business world,

If you want to learn more about the project „Bridge to Success“, visit the web page.

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