Sustainability challenge

Opis projekta

Sustainability Challenge is a one month project organized and lead by 12 volunteers from Portugal, Italy, Macedonia, Greece, UK and Czech Republic. This is the second Sustainability Challenge, the first one was last year also organized by 11 volunteers from 6 different countries.

The main goal for this project is to motivate, encourage and inspire the young people of Zagreb, Croatia and worldwide. Sustainable living is a lifestyle that reduces people’s and society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources and personal resource.

Being sustainable reduces the carbon footprint by different kind of methods of transportation, energy consumption and diet. The best way to encourage young people is to show them they can be an example for the society by doing little things than can change the world and help the Earth.

During the project, the volunteers will organize workshops and different activities related to the challenges you can find here. They will be fun, easy and motivational.

Join us by implementing the challenges in your life and share your knowledge among the society!

Be a part of this project and let’s help the Earth together!