What have we done so far?

Projekt Food for Life 2020. - 2021.

Uslijed krize uzrokovane pandemijom COVID-19 te snažnim potresima koji su pogodili Zagreb, Petrinju i okolicu, Udruga OAZA i Putem OAZAe d.o.o. u sklopu svojeg restorana OAZA Joyful Kitchen, pokrenuli su Food for Life projekt kojim besplatno dijele hranu građanima u potrebi koji su se našli u teškoj situaciji.

Udruga OAZA volonterski pomaže u financijsko-administrativnom dijelu, dok Društveno poduzeće Putem OAZAe d.o.o. zajedno sa svojim restoranom OAZA Joyful Kitchen volonterski sudjeluje u promotivnoj kampanji, kontaktu s korisnicima, nabavi, pripremi, kuhanju i distribuciji hrane potrebitima. 

Više o projektima Food for Life pročitajte u nastavku.

Understanding My Journey. Soft Skills Development for Young People , 2018-2020.

A strategic partnership financed by the Erasmus+ programme and implemented by non-governmental organisations from 8 countries: Croatia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the UK.
The partners developed tools to support young people and youth workers in the process of conscious and structured soft skills development. We believe that soft skills are the key competencies relevant for future employability of youth. However, those skills are the most useful and efficient only if a young person is fully aware of their development, understands how they can be used and has tools that can help them in the learning process. Gaining self-awareness and ownership of soft skills development is a skill in itself.
– to improve young people’s engagement with and ownership of their soft skills development
– to increase young people’s employability
– to raise awareness of the importance of soft skills development.
Find out about the project here.

Energy Challenge , 2017

A one-month activity for youth (but open for people of all ages) in Zagreb. Its aim was to increase the awareness of the importance of reducing the CO2 emissions, decrease the energy consumption , and help young people implement sustainable behaviours in everyday life. The project was financed by the City of Zagreb. 

Urban Gardening - Terrace Turning Green, 2017

Workshops in the office terrace with the aim of educating (mostly unemployed youth) about urban gardening, promoting urban gardening as a therapy for the body and soul, inspiring the participants to establish their own urban garden, organising quality free time with socializing and fun activities in the open air. During the public opening of the green terrace, the wider audience had an opportunity to learn about urban gardening, environment protection, and sustainable development. The project was financed by the City of Zagreb.

Transformative Communication, 2016

The project was financed by the City of Zagreb and consisted of workshops for the seventh- and eighth-graders from the Elementary School Dobriša Cesarić. The subjects covered peer violence prevention, conflict management, relationships with parents and teachers, communication with peers etc.

EVS NGO skill LAB, 2016.

A long-term European Voluntary Service project in which two volunteers, Sara from Portugal and Patrycja from Poland, participated. During their one-year service, they were included in the everyday work of the organisation, gaining competencies crucial for the work in the non-profit sector. The project was financed by the Agency of Mobility and the European Union Programmes within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.

(Dis)connected in Nature, 2015.

In the vicinity of the divine and relaxing river Mrežnica, without modern conveniences such as electricity, hot water, and the Internet, we gathered 49 participants from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Albania, Hungary, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine. During the 7-days stay in a campsite, they had an opportunity to connect with themselves, each other, and nature, implement healthy habits, develop their self-esteem, gain non-verbal communication skills etc. The youth exchange was financed by the Agency of Mobility and the European Union Programmes within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.

Edukacija edukatora, 2015.

We conducted educational workshops for the employees of the Elementary School Dobriša Cesarić shortly before the launch of the Oasis for Kids project in this school. The workshops covered different topics – practical education about urban gardening, establishing a school garden, motivating other employees for joining the garden work, the importance of including parents and the local community, and possible challenges connected to urban school gardens. The project was financed by the City of Zagreb.

Energy Jobs, 2015

The project was financed by the Office of Energy, Environment Protection and Sustainable Development of the City of Zagreb. Ten students of different fields had an opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary workshops, lectures, and study visits about applying the energy efficiency measures in practice.

EVS Youth Corner for Change Agents, 2015.

A long-term European Voluntary Service project at which we hosted three volunteers – Ruxanda from Moldova, Henriette from Germany, and Nenad from Serbia. They were evoking positive changes in the local community by organizing different activities in the Youth Club TOĆ and helping with the everyday office work. The project was financed by the Agency of Mobility and the European Union Programmes within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.

Green Jobs, 2014

In cooperation with the employees of the Technical School Ruđer Bošković, we decided to motivate the students to develop their entrepreneurial ideas. By educating them about the basics of entrepreneurship, personal development, renewable energy sources, and energy efficiency, their technical and entrepreneurial competencies were increased. During individual work, the students developed their product ideas in a creative and sustainable way. The project was financed by the City of Zagreb.

Sustainaware, 2014.

The project in which we participated as a partner together with 8 organisations from all over the world: Argentina, the USA, Nigeria, India, Slovenia, Hungary, and Liechtenstein. Its aim was to increase the awareness of the importance of the sustainable development, inspire youth to deepen their knowledge about the environment, social entrepreneurship, and green economy. As a part of the project, which was financed by the Youth in Action programme, we organized a public event “Sustainable Development Days for Youth”.