Who are we?

NGO O.A.ZA. – Sustainable Alternative to Community was founded in January 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia. Discover our diverse activities for youth – workshops, lectures, conferences, volunteering, garden festivals etc.

What we do?

Educate and inspire youngsters to develop a positive value system and competencies so they can become the change they want to see in the world.

why we do it?

To help youngsters take the responsibility for the sustainable development of the society by facilitating activities that focus on personal development and environmental protection.

Fields of work

Personal Development

Discover your potential, talents, and passion. Learn how to manage your life during the personal development workshops and inspiring discussions in a supportive atmosphere.

Social Entrepreneurship

Learn entrepreneurial skills, adopt the ethical principles of social entrepreneurship, develop your business idea and become an entrepreneur you want to see in the society.

Environment Protection

May garden become your second home and hoe your best friend! Connect with nature, adopt sustainable habits, and help save the Earth.

Ongoing Projects

Bridge to Success

 POSTANI DRUŠTVENI PODUZETNIK I NAĐI SVOJ PUT PREMA USPJEHU! Poveži se sa sobom, osvijesti svoje talente, strasti i tip osobnosti, savladaj osnovne poduzetničke vještine i okušaj se u društvenom poduzetništvu!

Oasis for Kids

Ovaj projekt za cilj ima osnivanje školskih vrtova u osnovnim školama grada Zagraba i šire. Kroz praktičan rad u vrtovima sudionici projekta, djeca od prvog do osmog razreda, upoznat će alate za obradu tla, naučit će rukovati pojedinim alatima

Sustainability Quest

The main goal for this project is to motivate, encourage and inspire the young people of Zagreb, Croatia and worldwide. Sustainable living is a lifestyle that reduces people’s and society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources and personal resource.

Socially Inspired: Entrepreneurship for You(th)

The mobility of youth workers took place from 27th November to 2nd December 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia. It gathered 33 participants from Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Spain.

Latest News

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