NGO O.A.ZA. – Sustainable Alternative to Community was established in January 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia. Our aim is to organise various activities for youth during which they can, in a positive and supportive atmosphere, develop their potential, and become exemplary carriers of sustainable social change.

Why such a name? “Sustainable” because we promote sustainable development – fulfilling one’s needs while respecting nature, resources, and future generations. “Alternative” because we popularise lifestyles and – what is more important – viewpoints not so popular in nowaday’s consumerist society. “Community” because we want to encourage the development of new young leaders who will guide society in a sustainable direction.


Our vision – Creating role models of sustainable society
Our mission – Potičemo holistički razvoj mladih kao graditelja budućnosti

We have the accreditation for sending and hosting volunteers within the European Solidarity Corps

Naše vrijednosti


Being mindful for the feelings and needs of other people and living beings


Acting in harmony between the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life


Searching for the meaning of life, getting to know oneself and looking for imperishable value


Proactive, disciplined and adequate action in different circumstances

Our approach towards youth


Our Team

Filip Brničević

President, Head of the Personal Development Department

Patrycja Pieniążek

Project Manager

Mile Drača

Secretary, Head of Environment Protection Department

Jasmina Roca

Environment Protection Department Assistant

Branko Drljača

Social Entrepreneurship Department Assistant

Andrea Žuškin

Volunteering Programme Manager



OIB: 10764365836    IBAN: HR0224020061100644636