Our Story

NGO O.A.ZA. – Sustainable Alternative to Community has been established in January 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia. Our aim is to organize various activities for youth during which they can, in a positive and supportive atmosphere, develop their potential, and become exemplary carers of the sustainable social change.

Why such a name? „Sustainable“ because we promote sustainable development – fulfilling one’s needs while respecting the nature, resources, and future generations. „Alternative“ because we popularize lifestyles and – what is more important – viewpoints not so popular in nowaday’s consumerist society. „Community“ because we want to encourage the development of new young leaders who will guide the society into the sustainable direction.


Creating role models of the sustainable society.


Encouraging the holistic development of youth as the architects of the future.


Togetherness, balance, responsibility, spirituality.

Our approach towards youth

  • We approach one's personal development individually according to the holistic principle that consists of the physical, psychological, economic, and spiritual aspect of life.
  • We help find one's life vocation and develop skills and knowledge that will empower them to fulfill themselves. In order to achieve this, we use the non-formal education methods.
  • We involve youth in the sustainable development of the society engaging them in the work of our departments.


  • To help youngsters take the responsibility for the sustainable development of the society by facilitating activities that focus on personal development and environmental protection.
  • To help youngsters develop into wholesome persons and find their life vocation. Involve them in the sustainable development of the society according to their life vocation.
  • Educate and inspire youngsters to develop a positive value system and competencies so they can become the change they want to see in the world.

O.A.ZA. Team

Filip Brničević

Predsjednik, voditelj odjela osobnog razvoja

Roberto Rosandić

Voditelj odjela društvenog poduzetništva

Andrea Rutnik

Voditeljica projekata i volonterskog programa

Patrycja Pieniążek

Asistentica za pisanje projekata i administraciju

Mile Drača

Tajnik, voditelj odjela zaštite okoliša

Jasmina Roca

Asistentica u odjelu zaštite okoliša

Andrej Žuškin

Asistent za marketing i video produkciju

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