Oct 2016
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What is it?

The “Sustainability Challenge” was designed to help individuals that aspire to change their behaviors to more sustainable practices, helping to create a positive change. Regardless of culture, age, profession, when we set our minds to commit to cultivating certain values as part as bigger group, our individual effort encourage others and reinforces each other in a powerful way.
Each week of this 1 month challenge  focuses on specific subjects and values, 1 – 2 themes per week with some suggestions for goals to improve in each subject and with an option to create personal goals also.

How does it work?

Each week of this 1 month challenge invites participants to engage in one or more small actions related to each week theme. One week subject, one or more actions, for a process of reaching a more sustainable living.
Participants will be encouraged to carry out their chosen challenges and to share their stories or pictures of their experiences with the community challenge. Participants will also receive regularly prompts and information, inspirational material and will have the opportunity to attend workshops and events of each weekly subject throughout the month.

When and Where?

The challenge is happening from 3 November to 3 December of 2016 – well, at least the first edition is 🙂
And the organisation responsible is located in the city of Zagreb. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s only available for Zagreb residents. Since we are on-line there are no limits! As long as you are able to follow us on our website/ facebook / instagram and interact, you are good to go – Sign up here

You will find more information on the web site of the project:


Project is sponsored by:

Erasmus +Agencija za Mobilnost i programe EUGrad Zagreb



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