About Us



To offer programs and a supporting environment for the development of responsible young people who will be exemplary carriers of sustainable development of society.


A sustainable society in which every person is authentic and guided by principles of responsibility, balance, and compassion, and lives spiritually and in harmony with all living beings.

About Us

Organization O.A.ZA. (Oasis) was founded in January 2013 with a headquarter in Zagreb. The association was founded to promote sustainable development and it is focused on the development of civil society, with special emphasis on youth work. We have already achieved several significant projects, and our members and volunteers work daily to enable activities and projects that will benefit and progress to the wider society and focus future generations to follow the principles of sustainable development.

Our approach

Our approach towards young people can be summarized in three steps:

  1. Individual approach to individuals through a method of personal development towards holistic principles
  2. Helping young people in finding their life calling and to develop skills and knowledge that will enable to realize it
  3. Helping young people to engage in the sustainable development of society


Domains of activity

  1. Personal development
  2. Ecology and environment
  3. Socially responsible entrepreneurship


The organization was founded with the aim of promoting and applying sustainable development through three areas:

1. Personal Development

  • training of young leaders by the principles of servant leadership
  • promoting and establishment of a proper system of values
  • development of human potentials through lifelong education
  • individual approach to the individual (holistic approach)

2. Ecology

  • educate new generation about protection of nature and environment
  • promoting renewable energy and energy effiency
  • encourage green jobs
  • education on global climate change and its impact on people’s lives

3. Society development

  • encourage young people to volunteer and active participation in their community
  • emphasizing the importance of the principles of sustainable economic development
  • promoting multiculturalism and human equality
  • prevention of addiction and promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • helping socially vulnerable and marginalized groups of people
  • promotion of employment and youth entrepreneurship

We collaborate with:

  • Nacionalna zaklada za razvoj civilnog društva
  • MSPM – Ministarstvo socijalne politike i mladih
  • MRMS – Ministarstvo rada i mirovinskog sustava
  • MZOŠ – Ministry of Science, Education & Sports
  • City of Zagreb
  • HZZ – Hrvatski zavod za zapošljavanje
  • WHO-Worlds Health Organization
  • EWEA – European Wind energy association
  • UNDP – United nations development program

Meet our team

The future is in the hands of young people.